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TUOLAT uses the following forms of distant learning:

Online Format

  • TUOLAT course are offered online only. Unlike traditional courses at most colleges and universities; thus, allowing students to receive instruction entirely from home.

Conferencing Format

  • TUOLAT uses the methods of live distance learning that allows students to join in using audio, video, and telephone.          TUOLAT conference classroom are group settings with the availability of a chat program (such as Skype). Students may conference with a group or vis-à-vis with an instructor.

Technology Format

  • TUOLAT allows students to receive their educational materials by digital technology, such as online books, pdf, docx, video, and jpeg, files; as well as student portal delivery.

  •  Please Note: Students are responsible for their own access, which will require a computer and an internet connection (at a minimum).

TUOLAT distance learning typically allow students to access course materials at their own convenience and pace. For example, while a traditional university online course may contain the same schedule of lectures as its classroom counterpart. TUOLAT offers students any place or time of day to access their courses.

However, some of TUOLAT distance learning courses may also be conducted in real time, meaning that while students do not need to be physically present in a classroom, they will need to be on a certain website (or conferencing program) at a certain time on a regular basis.

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